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Automatic Air Pressing Machine TG-PB35P

Automatic Air Pressing Machine TG-PB35P

Sinotecho (Wuhan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 1 year ago

Automatic Air Pressing Machine TG-BM35P is developed by Sinotecho, which is used to press and remove the air bubble on the surface of the high-end rigid box. It catches the box automatically with robot arm, positions automatically, presses the box tightly, raises and pops up the box. All these actions are consistent, stable and safe.
While the rigid box has been formed, there is always air bubble, drape or deformation on the surface. Air pressing machine is used to solve these problems. Air pressing machine is widely used for cellphone box, jewel box, shoe box, moon cake box, wine box, tea box and various kinds of boxes in the fields of catering, toy, tobacco and wine, medicine, gift, art-ware and so on. Air Pressing Machine TG-BM35P is one of the auxiliary products of cigarette box complete production line.
1.Fully Automatic production, pressing the box on five sides
2.Box forming fast and efficiently, counting automatically
3. Man-machine interface, which is easy to operate.
4. Strong adaptability. The height of the feeding feed-stock conveyor can be adjusted.