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Rigid Box making machine

Rigid Box making machine

Sinotecho (Wuhan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


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Product Introduction:
The fully automatic rigid box making machine TG-3C40P is specially developed by Sinotech, tailored for the package about high-end boutique box. It is one of the most advanced machines which are used to produce the upscale rigid boxes.
This machine can automatically glue the paper, assemble the greyboard together or paste the four corners, position the greyboard, fold the edges and form the box. The whole production processes are performed automatically. Compared with the traditional handmade craft, the working efficiency of the automatic rigid box making machine has been increased in speed by dozens of times.
1.The fully automatic and intelligent rigid box making machine is the first one that supports the craft of grooving V shape on the paper.
2.Position the greyboard with dual cameras, the positioning accuracy ±0.05MM
3.Perfectly support the craft of greyboard assembling and the craft of corner pasting
4.Support forming a box using small corrugated paper
5.Support remote diagnosis
6.Taking up small area and save up to 70% space.
7.Adjust the parameters to produce different sizes of boxes, which is very intelligent.
- Advantages of positioning system with dual camera:
1. Positioning system with dual camera, the positioning accuracy ±0.05MM
2. The visual inspection can self adapt the size of the paper.
3. Fully compatible with the thin paper or the thick paper with V shape groove.
- Advantages of craft about assembling greyboard:
1. Save greyboard material
2. Simplify the production process as the waste material on the four corners doesn't need to be removed .
3. Save the production process as the greyboard doesn't need to be grooved twice.
- The advantages of grooving V shape on the paper:
1. The box using the paper that has the V shape groove is more pleasing to the eye and more angular. The box size is more accurate. Compared with other common type of box, it has the incomparable advantages, which can meet the customer's demand for quality package.