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X-ray Inspection Machine pcb Machine

X-ray Inspection Machine pcb Machine

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Main Functions as below:
1. Measurement functions:Point-to-point, line-to-line, diameter, radius, concentric circle, layer offset. 2. Application process: press-fit (fusion and rivet alignment test), drilling
(drilling first board inspection). 3. Software function: can be networked, the software operation surface can save
two pictures in real time, can store pictures. 4. Radiation protection: Sheet metal adopts the sandwich structure of ladle lead, and the lead window is made of lead glass to ensure safety.
5. Operation table: Use high-quality marble to prevent flower arrangement on
PCB board. 6. Optional function: Optional printer for defective product printing. 7. Software operation: power, voltage, image storage, image processing can be operated by software.
Product Characteristics:
1.X-ray tube can be selected to meet various thickness detection
2.Independent research and development of high-definition imaging system, simple judgment
3.User-friendly software system, easy to operate
4.Modular mechanical structure for easy maintenance
5.Various software functions such as measurement and measurement
6.10-20 times optical zoom for micro hole detection
7.Automatic start and stop function to prevent the machine from opening for a
long times