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20Khz Ultrasonic Milling Machine

20Khz Ultrasonic Milling Machine

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Ultrasound is the frequency of 2 × 104 Hz ~ 107 Hz sound waves, it exceeds the human ear to listen to the frequency range. When ultrasound transmitting in the liquid media, through mechanical action, cavitation and thermal effects, results in mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical and chemical and a series of effects.

Milling is a commonly used material processing technology, which refers to the use of rotating multi-blade cutting tool, is a highly efficient material processing methods, milling tool rotation (main movement), the workpiece movement (for the feed movement ); Of course the workpiece can also be fixed, but at this time the rotating tool must also move (while the main movement and feed movement). Milling machine has horizontal type or vertical type, and large gantry type. These machines both can be ordinary machine tools, and can be CNC machine tools. With the rotating cutter as a tool for cutting, suitable for processing the plane, groove, a variety of forming surface (such as splines, gears and threads) and the special shape of the mold and so on.

With the development of high-speed spindle technology and ultrasonic power technology, ultrasonic high-frequency vibration and spindle high-speed rotation as one of the ultrasonic milling, is regarded as high-precision, efficient processing technology pioneer, can be applied to a variety of daily processing materials, Processing materials and brittle hard materials, fine processing.