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35Khz Ultrasonic Sealing and Cutting Non-woven

35Khz Ultrasonic Sealing and Cutting Non-woven

Hangzhou Qianrong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.


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Ultrasonic rotary vibration is used for fabric stitching and cutting, and is a newly developed technological achievement in the world. Hangzhou Qianrong Automation Equipment closely tracks the new research results of foreign countries and develops ultrasonic seamless sewing movements. This is the core component of an ultrasonic seamless sewing machine (also called an ultrasonic radial sewing machine). It completely solves the inherent problem of the original ultrasonic longitudinal vibration technology, that is, the moving direction of the ultrasonic welding head is inconsistent with the moving direction of the cloth, and is not synchronized. The precision of ultrasonic cloth stitching has been greatly improved, making it possible to apply ultrasonic technology widely in the field of garment stitching. Ultrasonic seamless sewing has the characteristics of fast welding speed, high strength, beautiful weld seam, good sealing performance, low energy consumption and simple operation. It is the development direction of sewing machine.