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60Khz & 70Khz Ultrasonic Card Inlay Embedding Part

60Khz & 70Khz Ultrasonic Card Inlay Embedding Part

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Ultrasonic Wire Antenna Technology is a high speed system for embedding antenna wire within a non-conductive (e.g. plastic) sheet on which electronic chips are mounted for manufacturing a plurality of smart cards, or the like. The antenna wire is installed in the non-conductive sheet by an ultrasonic actuator that is moved up and down relative to the sheet. The movement of the actuator relative to the substrate is controlled by the interaction between a stationary voicecoil magnet and a voicecoil that is coupled to the ultrasonic actuator and moveable with the slide assembly. Antenna wire is fed to the ultrasonic actuator from an antenna wire dispensing spool via an idler assembly. The idler assembly includes an encoder which is responsive to an increase in tension in the antenna wire feed line. Depending upon the output of the encoder, the speed and rotation of the wire dispensing spool is controlled until the tension in the antenna wire feed line is eliminated.


Type QR-W60A
Frequency(KHz) 60KHz
Trigger External control or manual control
welder head wear-resisting alloy steel above HRC55°
Threading hole 0.3mm or 0.5mm
Power code 2M or 5M
Digital generator V6.6 or analog
generator ZJS-100
Generator Size
Cover dimension 25X100mm
Cover material Nylon or aluminum
Cooling way compressed air cooling (4mm conduit)
Speed 0.1-0.3m/s
Thread fixed cycle length 60000 m/s