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35Khz Ultrasonic Sealing and Cutting Non-woven

35Khz Ultrasonic Sealing and Cutting Non-woven

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Ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic welding is a welding thermoplastic technology, a variety of thermoplastic rubber materials can be ultrasonic welding, without the need to add solvents, binders or other additives. Its advantages are increased productivity, reduced costs, improved product quality and safe production. The power adjustment is finer and the resolution is higher, which can satisfy various shapes of products and achieve the purpose of not damaging the product. Ultrasonic transducers are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and precision machining to complete the ultrasonic flow at every point.


Item No QR-S35A
Power 800W
Generator Analog generator
Frequency 35KHZ
Voltage 220V or 110V
Width of welding wheel 11.5mm
Matched Transducer 3535-2D PZT4
Generator size 250*200*430mm