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IGU Blinds Manufacturer

IGU Blinds Manufacturer

Guangzhou Hans Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd


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What categories of Hans Double Glazed Blinds/Blinds Between Glass/Insualted Glass with Blinds/ Integral Blinds?
1.Manual venetian blinds
2.Motorized venetian blinds/Electrical venetian blinds/Automatic venetian blinds
3.Manual pleated blinds/Manual cellular shades/Manual honeycomb shades
4.Motorized pleated shades/Electrical pleated shades/Automatic pleated shades
5.Motorized roofing/Automatic skylight/Electrical roofing

What are advantages of Hans Double Glazed Blinds/Blinds Between Glass/Insualted Glass with Blinds/Integral Blinds?
1.Protection against damage from outside
2.Clean for life
3.Maintenance free
4.Energy saving

Who we are?
1.Over 15-years experience
2.two factoriesof 200,000 sq.ft
3.Seven branches
4.Annual turnover of $20,000,000
5.50% of market share in China

Who are our partners?
1.Germany Segenia
2.American Vdara
3.American Levolor
4.Nichibei Japan etc.

What are our projects?
1.Singapore General Hospital
2.Intercontinental Hotel Foshan
3.Hilton Hotel Foshan
4.Galuminium Group Co.,Ltd etc.

What are our certifications?
ISO900 with 10 improvements

Which brands we have?
1.Hans specializing in between glass blinds
2.Daelux specializing in window coverings
3.Debox specializing in movable sun house