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new pcb cnc 6 aixs drilling machine

new pcb cnc 6 aixs drilling machine

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Our advantage

1.See the upper and lower limits of the accuracy map in the attached file for 1.5 mil, CPK>1.33.( If the upper and lower limits are set to 3mil, CPK will be higher.)

2.Spindle: West wind or ABL200,000

3.XY axis single axis motor power 2X3000W (the whole machine maximum power 7500W)

4.With grating ruler (Other companies have not)

5.With CBD, broken knife detection( Other companies have not)

6.With the function of size and pressure foot switching, it can effectively improve the processing ability of small holes and ensure the drilling accuracy when the hole is as small as 0.1mm(Other companies have not)

7.Guide rail P-class Any rail is divided into SP pole, P grade, H grade, ordinary grade.The price of the ordinary grade guide is 1/3 of the P-class guide rail.

8.Screw C3 high precision, screw is divided into C3 (high precision), C5 (advanced), C7 (normal grade) grades according to grade, the price will be significantly different.

9.Worktop, cast aluminum, which can reduce the quality and increase the running speed of the workbench.