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Sinda Turbocharger Quality Control

Sinda Turbocharger Quality Control

Sinda Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd


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How can we guarantee the quality of our turbocharger?

A. Our factory strictly follows to the standard working process for Raw Material Supervision from turbo shaft,compressor housing, turbine housing to sealing kits to ensure each part with high quality standard before turbo installation&assembly.

B. Necessary testing & inspection during and after production

Balancing testing for turbo core by TURBO
1) TECHNICS VSR400 balancing machine
2) Turbo charger vibration sorting
3) Double check of the impeller before shipment to avoid rubbing problem
4) Final inspection/a third-party inspection before shipment

C. Each turbo will be stamped with a "OK"or "PASS" on the compressor housing to show the turbo pass through the quality inspection.

What we are sure is that we can delivery qualify goods CONTINUOUSLY.
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