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Cheng Feng Group

Cheng Feng Group

Rainbow Pigment Co., Ltd.


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With the principle of equality and reciprocity, Cheng Feng Group actively engages in various forms of economic and technological cooperation and trade with academic institutions, social organizations and industrial and commercial enterprises at home and abroad. The results are excellent, and the core of the enterprise is constructed with a sound management system and rapid response to the market. Competitive advantage; the company has established cooperative relationships with the industrial and commercial circles of many countries and regions, including a wide range of applications, including footwear, engineering plastics, rubber, fiber, wire and cable, blown film, cans, sports equipment. , leather, ink, paint, nano inkjet, stationery, children's toys and many other industries, products are sold in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, and Pacific island countries and regions, in addition to Europe, the United States, Japan and other high-quality chemicals Raw materials have established a good reputation and cooperation foundation.