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Semi-automatic Folding and Labeling Machine

Semi-automatic Folding and Labeling Machine

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Product Description:
The wire folding and labeling machine is an excellent product in the world wire labeling industry. It is light and generous, novel in appearance, reliable in quality, high in accuracy and reasonable in price. It is deeply favored by electronics and electrical appliances manufacturers. It can save 3-4 people's labor cost for the company.
Technical Parameters:
The following are the technical parameters of standard models. Labelling machines with special requirements and functions can be customized.
1. Applicable Cable Diameter: 0.9-2mm, 1.5-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-12mm( Diameter can incrementally increase by 4 mm span.)
2. Label Width: 5-50mm; 50-100mm
3. Label Length: 30-150 mm, 180 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm(Specific compatibility range is related to product size and label material. The length of the drum can be selected according to the product. The longer the size, the higher the cost of the machine.)
4. Labeling Accuracy: ±0.3mm(excluding products and label error)
5. Labeling Speed: 1000-1400 PCS/H (Labeling speed is related to operation proficiency.)
6. Voltage: 220V
7. Frequency: 50HZ
8. Air Pressure: 0.6Mpap
9. Power: 140 W
10. Machine Weight: 90KG
11. Machine Size (length * width * height): 750mm * 500mm*1100mm
Scope of Application:
1. Applied on Rectangular labels and I-shaped labels in different sizes.
2. Applied on special labels which are used in customized machines.
3. Widely used in wire rod, harness, power cable, USB cable, cable and other wires;