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IIW Type 1 Block 1018 Steel Metric Version

IIW Type 1 Block 1018 Steel Metric Version

NDE Flaw Technologies Pvt Ltd


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IIW-Type 1 Block 1018 Steel (Metric Version)
Used for calibration of shear and longitudinal transducers, and verification of shear wedge exit point and refracted angle. Can also be used for resolution and sensitivity checking. In accordance with: IIW (International Institute of Welding) and ASTM E164, Metric Block.
Dimensions: 25.0 mm x 100.0 mm x 300.0 mm
Features: 100.0 mm radius, 1.5 mm dia hole, 6.0 mm deep x 2.0 mm wide slot, and 25.0 mm radiussed slot x 1.5 mm deep x 3.0 mm wide.
Alloy: 1018 Steel (Metric Version)
Alloy: NDE FLAW specializes in custom blocks, and all of our test blocks are available in special and exotic alloys. Please contact us for a quote. We can machine blocks in Titanium alloys, Inconels and other Nickel alloys, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Copper-Nickels, Brasses, Cast Irons, refractory alloys such as Molybdenum and Tungsten, and many more. Let us build your next special alloy test block!