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Automatic lightweight wall panel shaping machine

Automatic lightweight wall panel shaping machine

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Automatic lightweight wall panel shaping machine production line

The production line is compact in structure, high in automation, fixed in the main machine, and the material is pressed and vibrated at the same time when the wall panel is formed. Continuous automatic extrusion vibration molding ensures the wallboard has good compactness and shape, and is initially set after molding. Conservation. The slab is easy to move, the site is flexible to use, and the utilization efficiency is high. The molding section pushes the extrusion screw frequency control, and the intelligent control terminal adjusts the degree of compaction of the control wall panel to realize the fully automated continuous production of the wall panel. Due to the extrusion molding of a dry-hard mixture with a low water-cement ratio, a hollow core wall panel having high strength and compactness can be obtained. Automated continuous production, high effciency, high quality consistency, and guarantee the quality of wallboard. Widely used in frame structures or steel structures. The production line uses light waste partitions made of solid waste, industrial slag, fly ash, plant straw, shale and other materials of various construction wastes. It is a new type of building material that is environmentally friendly, energysaving, and waste. It conforms to the building modulus and can neet the standardization, serialization and generalization of production and the dry work of building construction can at least increase the construction efficiency by more than three times compared with various blocks and brick walls. The production line has an annual design capacity of 500,000 square meters.