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Precast Concrete Plant production line

Precast Concrete Plant production line

Dezhou Haitian Elecmechanical Co., Ltd


Uploaded on 7 months ago

The PC production line is used for the production of the panel components such as wall panels and floor slabs thickness less then 450 mm (including sandwich wall panels, interior wall panels, laminated slabs, etc.), as well as more complex or pre-buried wall panels.

Production line include:central control system, concrete convey system, feeding system, circulatory system, pretreatment system, curing system, demoulding system. Equipment included: table, Ground walking wheel, table driving wheel, Inductive collision avoidance device, concrete feeding machine, vibration table, curing kiln, table withdraw machine, pre-curing system, hydr aulic lifting system, transportation car, shuttle bus, grinding machine, Surface texturing machine, vibration smoothing machine, cleaner, oiler Numerical control machine and concrete deilvery systerm,ect. We can tailor-made according to customer demands.