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Spain Type High Speed Braiding Machine

Spain Type High Speed Braiding Machine

Shanghai Dura Industrial Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 7 months ago

The Spain type high speed braiding machine is a newly high speed braiding machine which developed according to recent new requirement according to different customers' request. It is mainly used to braid shoelace, gift bag lace, high-tension lace, high strength tow lace, marine rope and cable, decorative rope, high altitude and high strength rope, hollow flat elastic lace, round elastic band, and the other fashion laces.


1. Control system
A.) Touch LCD screen system, it is easy operate and save.
B.) The speed is the same as normal high speed braiding machine.
C.) The production speed can be adjusted from the LCD screen.
The control system has English and Chinese two version languages.

2. Head

A) This new type braiding machine only equipped two heads, so the machine is light and land small space.

B) One head can braid two laces, total two heads can braid 4 laces, and the production capacity is not reduced as normal high-speed 4 heads braiding machine.
One head can braid two type different shape lace, or different color laces. For example, one head can braid flat type lace and round lace at the same time.

3. Cost and price

A) Because this new type braiding machine is more lighter than the old type, so can save delivery charge during the transportation.
B) Because this new type only has two heads, so the machine price is much cheaper than the old type 4 heads high speed-braiding machine.

Spindle Carrier:16,17,32
Production Head:2 (one head can braid 2 laces)
Machine Dimension:1190×1100×1420mm
Power:1HP 00.75KW
Horn Rotate Speed(Max.):320RPM/MIN
Voltage: 220/380VAC,50Hz/60Hz

Quality Control: All the machines will be inspected carefully before delivery.
Oversea service: We have agent in different countries, so oversea service is available.
Certificate: CE

Packing: The quantity under 10 sets packed in single wooden case, over 10 sets order will load in full container.

Delivery Time: Order quantity smaller than 10 sets, delivery time is 20 days; order quantity over 10 sets, the delivery time is 30 days.