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DR-13 Spindle High Speed Braiding Machine

DR-13 Spindle High Speed Braiding Machine

Shanghai Dura Industrial Co., Ltd.


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The 13 spindle High speed braiding machine mainly used to produce flat type shoelace or tape, Piping Tape, Jacquard Tape, Elastic Band, Fibre Band, Various Rope, Special Band and so on.
1.Base casting was machined in machining center after aging treatment to ensure the flatness.
 2. Panel uses ductile iron 800, was machined in machining center after aging-treatment to ensure its precision and wearing.
 3. Core shaft rotor(impeller) uses ductile iron 600, firstly machined in machining center, high-frequency treatment on its surface to enhance its hardness, then machined by precision grinder.
 4. Tolerance of fit between Spindle base and impeller is controlled within 0.03mm.
 5. Rotor nylon pad was casted by nylon 66 with imported wearing-grease to make it last long.
Adopts high-quality shafts, reasonable structure, to ensure a stable function and longer lifespan.
Humanization design, safe and easy operation, direct and convenient maintenance. Reasonable spindle structure ensures customers to change the Bobbin in a fast and simple way.
This equipment uses auto yarn cutting device.
Motor uses frequency converter to change the speed freely.
Standard accessories kit and complete after-sale service.