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KCB gear pump

KCB gear pump

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Gear Lube Oil Pump:
1. High viscosity
2. Good self suction ability
3. Lubricating pump
4. Simple structure

1. Summarize
1) KCB gear lubricate pump is suitable to carry various kinds of lubricate oil.
2) Normally temperature of liquid should not be over 70 celsius degree, If requested 300, we can make the anti high temperature oil pump for customers.
3) It is not suitable for transporting the medium contain corrosion, solid grain, fibre, and fluidities with low flashing point, such as gasoline and benzene, etc.

2CY series oil gear pump is mainly used to carry various lubricating oil or viscosity oil.
2CY type oil gear pump is horizontal rotary pump.

1. Lubricating oil: Crude oil, diesel oil, lubricants, oil-type liquid.
2. With copper gear can transmit low flash point liquid, such as gasoline, benzene.
3. Using stainless steel can pump weak corrosive liquid and food beverage.

The temperature can not exceed 300 degree Centigrade; With high temperature resistance material can reach 300 degree Centigrade.

Characters for gear oil pump
The pump equipped with
Relief Valve: Provide overload protection for pump.
Sliding Bearing: Good aseismic performance.
Helical Gear: Good meshing performance, steady transmissonof gear reduce noise.
Casing Material: Cast Iron, SS304, SS316, SS316L
Gear Material: #45 Steel, Copper, SS304
Temperature range: Normal ≤ 70 C, Special ≤ 300 C
Max pressure: 1.45Mpa
Motor: 220v/380v, 50hz/60hz, Single Phase/Three Phase