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lithium battery

lithium battery

Dongguan Lipeng Battery Co., Ltd.


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Dongguan Lipeng Battery Co., Ltd. is a lithium battery manufacturer integrating production and sales. Since its inception, it has been focusing on the lithium battery industry unchanged, mainly producing cylindrical lithium batteries, square batteries and lithium battery packs.

At present, our products have been widely used, such as portable digital products: flashlight, mobile power supply, portable loudspeaker. Or lighting: camping lights, fishing lights, mining lights, solar street lights. Or household appliances: massagers, intelligent sweeping robots, mobile speakers. And walking tools: Balance car, electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, sightseeing bottle car and so on are all driven by batteries or batteries.

The company's products have passed the quality supervision and testing center testing, product safety, full capacity, low discharge and other advantages, but also can be customized according to customer requirements for different types of series and parallel battery packs, factory has first-class production equipment, professional technical team, fast delivery time, to meet the different needs of customers.