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CBN grinding wheels for crankshaft and camshaft

CBN grinding wheels for crankshaft and camshaft

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Use CBN wheel non-circular grinding CAM, camshaft, CAM piece and pump ring
It is obvious from the example of camshaft that non-circular parts must be processed in the manufacturing process.
Unlike circular grinding, which is perfectly circular, non-circular grinding must be made into a defined non-circular shape and finished by grinding process.
Non-circular shaft components include camshaft, CAM disk and pump shaft.
Different manufacturing tasks also have different requirements for machine tool configuration.
But even for a narrow range of processing tasks, such as the grinding of car camshafts, a single machine tool configuration cannot meet the market's demands.
Therefore, modular machine tools and technological concepts are essential for non-circular machining.
It may also be necessary to use multiple grinding spindles for rough and finishing or complete machining, such as a double slide grinder for simultaneous or synchronous support grinding.

CBN grinding technology for non-circular machining

CBN is the most advanced technology in the field of non-circular grinding.
In the future, productivity will be increased by further increasing cutting speed.
For parts, such as compound camshaft, which have lower grinding allowance and higher instability, a grinding system with significantly reduced grinding force must be developed.
The increasing and changing market demands will also be the driving force for innovation in the field of non-circular grinding technology in the future.

In order to meet the different requirements of grinding machine and machining process, emark provides a variety of modular systems consisting of process modules and machine tools, which you can adjust flexibly according to the corresponding production conditions (see below).

The sample application

Camshaft machining is a typical example of non-circular grinding.
For example, in a completed turnkey project, four double cams are ground by manual feeding.
The challenge of this operation to the grinding technique is: up to 3 mm margin in rough machining, and only use a grinding tool for finishing.
These seemingly contradictory requirements can be met by a ceramic CBN grinding wheel.

Another example is the complete processing of the truck camshaft: twelve distribution cams, six pump cams, seven journal supports, thrust bearings and tapered shaft ends and shoulder are processed in a single clamp.
As the inherent stress is often released during grinding of hardened bearings and CAM grinding affects the diameter jump of the journal support, it is not possible to process the bearings in a single process according to the drawing.
To achieve the required quality, processing in a single clip is usually the best approach.