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How to make a medical mask

How to make a medical mask

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The vertical LSR injection molding machine is stable and reliable with heavy equipment racks.
It adopts upper and lower opening and closing mold. This machine is available in both single slide type and double slide type. The double slide type can simultaneously install one upper mold and two lower mold, so that the other lower mold can be demolded and assembled during vulcanization mold clamping. Under such condition, the production can be more efficient.

This machine adopts servo motor and gear-driven special slide-type slide structure, which makes the sliding in and out speed faster, more stable and safe. The striple safety switch such as the depressing settlement type double start button, the side door safety switch and the two-way large-range safety grating make the production safe. Up to the highest level, the vertical machine opens and closes the mold in the vertical direction. The left and right slides are quite suitable for the production of overmolding inserts and manual demolding.

The main feature of the vertical LSR injection molding machine:
A. Advanced slide control system for faster, more stable and safer
B. Active needle valve sealing system for precise injection
C. Meet multi-station production needs
D. Load high-performance servo system, precise and energy-saving