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Nano PET coated heat insulation panel

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1. Specifications of Aluminum Steel Coil
(1). product presentation
Weather resistance and heat insulation plate is also called acid and alkali heat insulation
nano plate, Heat Insulation PPGI Aluminum Panel .It is a kind of composite metal plate ,
as shown in picture ,the top and bottom surface are Galvalume Layer, Chemical Conversion
Coating and Oil surface acid-base polyurethane.On top surface also including Polymer
Conversion Layer ,Spectral Selective Reflection And Heat Insulation Layer and Nano Material
Layer(weather resistance, acid and alkali resistant protective film).This high performance-price
ratio building roofing, outer wall material is great satisfy the composite demand of modern
construction industry and has been widely used.
(2). product property
1).Good Insulation Effective : Highly heat reflectivity makes the surface of roofing can't
absorb heart,even in the hot Summer, the surface of roofing is not hot,and will lower 8-10
degree indoor .
2).Strong Acid and Alkali Resistance and Corrosion Resistance : can save a lot of manpower
and material cost for highly polluting enterprises .
3).Strong Weathering : -20°Cto 100°C below are applicable .
4).High Self-cleaning : with antistatic effective and smooth surface,don't need often clean .
5).Good Fire Safety : insulation combustion,insulation,has fire resistance .
6).Strong Environmental Protection : with convex and concave surface,it can not shine,no light .
7).Any Profiles : can provide unlimited creative space for the architect , to build beautiful
and unique construction,create the perfect visual effect .
8). Safe and Reliable : all parts adopt rigid connection,can be powerful typhoon attack resistance .
9).Light Weight : requirements of weight for steel structure is reduced,less construction difficulty.
10).Easy Installation : Easy to install,it will be shorter building time and save project cost .
11).Long Life : surface quality is reliable,inner quality is consistent .
(3). performance test
We had done many test in order to check its performance:
Experiment 1:Heat Insulation PPGI Aluminum Panel had been tested in America: insolated 2
hours under high temperature 120°C, then immediately under the low temperature -20°C for
2 hours, repeatedly 20 times like that, no found the sign of peeling off.
Experiment 2: cooked in the boiling water for 2 hours, no found the sign of peeling off.
Experiment 3:Insulation test.