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vacuum wood grain sublimation machine

vacuum wood grain sublimation machine

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vacuum wood grain sublimation machine
Special design for hot air distribution and circulation, energy saving, uniformed temperature, small temperature difference, within 5 Celsius degree.
Wood grain is clear, vivid and natural, no color shade
Color durability: at least 6~10 year indoor.
Sweden Bentone burner
PLC control
Set temperature and transferring time by touch screen
Head suction suitable for all kinds of aluminum profile
Individual vacuum suction heads, 10~15 units for option
Good seal for vacuum head
High efficiency vacuum pump
Use electric sliding wire: protective, long use life, non easy wearing
2 doors 2 carts design, left in left out, right in right out, 2 carts loading and transferring in turn, high efficiency and productivity.
Safe: 3 explosion proof opening at the oven top
250mm superior rock wool for thermal insulation
Galvanized steel plate inner oven wall lining
Painted steel plate oven outside wall
Stainless steel plate for heating room
Natural gas consumption:11 M3/hour (2 layers), 13 M3/hour(3 layers type)
Heating source options: Natural gas, LPG, electricity, diesel oil.