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Turbo-6S full auto blow molding machine

Turbo-6S full auto blow molding machine

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TURBO Feature:
Fully Electrical, Higher Output, Lower Power Consumption
1. Servo Motors as heart of the machine, controls motions in fully electrical way. Recycle time could be shortened from 4sec to 2.2sec, double the machine output.

a. Preform Feeding System: Servo Motor controls, high speed and precisely positioning.
Preform Feeding Chain adopts composite Nylon polymer, light, wear resistant, no deformation. Dimension on Nylon chain is made according to Preform Neck size. Perfect matching avoid preform stuck and reduce friction between preforms.

b. Preform Transfer System: preforms horizontal movements are driven by Servo Motor. Make preforms 4pcs/6pcs as one unit, overall simplified stepping motion, achieve high-speed positioning and smooth motion. To complete one step cycle, the Servo Motor drive gear rotate only one-third of a turn. Speed of preform moving is 2 times of Cylinder Driven way.

c. Mold Clamping System: Servo Motor drives arms, linked drive Mold Frame and Mold Base open & close. Reaction time is reduced to 50% compare with traditional pneumatic drive. Simple structure, no wear, long use-life.

d. Stretch System:Servo Motor precisely control Stretch Rod movement, with accuracy 1mm. Stretch Rod motion could be adjusted according to bottle design, which greatly improve flexibility of blowing adjustment, improve bottle quality.

2. Schneider Motion Control System
Schneider PLC Servo System as brain of the machine. PTO System (Pulse/Train/Output Servo Positioning Module) works on high speed positioning, with higher speed, higher noise immunity and precise positioning.

3. Mold fixing by Drawer Design.
Push the mold, fix the positioning screws. That's it. Mold changeover work can be easily done in half hour.

4. Efficiency Constant Temperature Oven:
a. The most advanced high frequency Infrared Lamp, increase heating efficiency 30%-50%.
b. Each layer of lamp are separately controlled, with assistant ruler on machine.
c. Intelligent temperature control system.
Temperature detector feedback to PLC automatically, PLC makes accurate judgment and then control circulation air in oven. It leads to constant temperature in Oven, free from voltage fluctuations and ambient temperature. It works when large ambient temperature difference 28~45 degree.

d. Preform self-rotation System, ensure every side of every preforms are heated evenly, which ensure quality of blown bottle.

e. Neck Cooling in Oven.
Preform Necks are cooled by recycling water, which avoid neck deformation.

6. HMI(Human Machine Interface)
Overall computer control, easy to operate. Independent operation station, more flexible to arrange operating positions. Far away from Heating Area, safer. Once machine error, PLC will send Troubleshooting Report to Touch Screen, help operator to reset the fault accurate.

7. Safety
a. Fully enclosed safety door system, maximize operator safety.

b. Multi-point photoelectric detection, protect Positioning System, Clamping System and Stretch System.