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Shoe machine

Shoe machine

Xianyang Pianzhuan Group Corp


Uploaded on 1 year ago

GM-118 Universal hydraulic sole press machine with automatic positioning

Each pair pressing-bars is pressure-connected. The feature of this designs to process automatic-adjustment of pressures in order to provide the test pressing force on last.
This hydraulic machine assure you enough pressure and a firm joint, easy maintenance, easy parts-replacing time-saving and high efficiency.
Sole-pressing, side-pressing, top & heal forming can be processed synchronously or separately. Therefore, this machine is applicable for flat base, serging and special serging design shoes. It creates high efficiency.
A special design using multiple cylinders is perfect for irregular shoe side and produces an even side-press effect and free blind angles.
Pressure-connection of 2 pressing-bars makes pressure even to the outsole and without void. Also, with automatic pressing-bar locating system, shoes can be inout easily. These features enable this machine can be applicable for not only common shoes, but also boots or semi-boots.