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portable floor rising electric projection screen

portable floor rising electric projection screen

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XYSCREEN Floor Rising Electric Projection Screens provide an extra level of ease of use and portability that cannot be had with traditional wall or ceiling mounted projector screens.Electrically raised pulled from a portable lightweight base/case, the supporting bar and screen fabric could be retracted back into the case when the screen is not used, which makes it unobtrusive and the perfect companion for business presentations, trade shows, hospitality, a simple home theater or any portable application!
Easy to carry and operate.
Dynamical systems - Built-in low-voice tubular motor to drive the belt, when the belt rotating makes the double-rhomboid supporting structure fold and un-fold to achieve the lifting. Special lifting/self-locking system makes the screen adjusted its height easily and smoothly.
Product Features
Floor Rising projector screens range from 100" to 180" diagonal sizes
Heavy-duty, yet lightweight black aluminum case with folding feet to add additional stability
Remote controller with 12V trigger, allow screen stop at any desired level
Perfect for 4K Ultra HD and HD Resolutions
Easy to carry and store, with quiet and smooth operation
Available in HDTV (16:9) and NTSC Video (4:3) aspect ratios
Matte white projection screen fabric with black backing, 1.0 gain and 160° viewing angle
Anti-pinch Design - When the screen is retracted, if someone touches it, the screen will stop automatically