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Steel tube outer wall shot blasting machine

Steel tube outer wall shot blasting machine

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1. Introduction

QG series steel pipe inner/outer wall special purpose shot blast cleaning machine is suitable for blast cleanier/outer surfaces of steel pipes,remove the scales and weld dregs,make it show metal color,increase its ratio surface area,and thus contribute to painting and coating.

2. Features

A)Compact structure, high efficiency, clean of good quality, safe and reliable work, stable running.

B)Clean room use high chromium steel sheeting, wear-resisting impact resistance, good strength.

C)The power roller conveyor. Can through the heavy and long workpiece

D)The secondary dust removal (cyclone dust removal, bag filter), suction air volume is big, dust filter is clean, the air discharge meet the environmental standards.


It is composed of such stage as preheating, shot blast cleaning, painting and stove, etc.