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gas spring for furniture, vehicle, industry

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YJT Corporation, began its business in 1998 as manufacturer specialized in piston rod, a core product for gas spring and shock absorber. Steady development of new technology and investment, YJT Corp was first to develop plasma oxy-nitriding treated piston rod that meed the European environmental standards.
With that YJT Corp established a business unit that manufacture a finished good of gas spring. Since then, YJT Corp has been supplying gas spring to major furniture companies in Korea and currently YJT Corp is industry leading supplier for gas spring manufacturer. Also with the accumulation of know-how on dual gas injection technology YJT Co has established small quantity batch production and large quantity single production manufacturing system.
More over, obtaining the certification in both ISO 9001 and ISO14001, YJT Co., Ltd. has proved its reliability and trust in technology, quality and competitive price.