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mobile dock ramp made for forklift to load goods

mobile dock ramp made for forklift to load goods

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2.With hydraulic retractable legs to help bear load

3.With steel grating for the slope which can prevent forklift from slipping back

4.With foldable lip for free lateral floating

5.Italy hydraulic pump

6.With solid tyre

7.Can be towable by forklift.

We have sold hundreds of this ramp to Europe,Australia, Middle-east,Singapore,Thailand and Malaysia.We can provide a lot of customer reference for our ramp because all of our customers are very satisfied with our ramps.


1.Table length:2800mm

2.Slope floor length:8205mm

3.Lip length:400mm

4.Outer width(total width):2000mm

5.Inner width(for forklift to pass):1900mm

6.Adjustable height:1.15m-1.7m

7.Foldable plate length:803mm