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0.8-4.0mm spring forming machine

Union Spring(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

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Product Description:
1. US-540R transfer spring forming machine adopts computer control system from Taiwan and servo motor imported from Japan, with convenient and fast operation, high speed, and high precision
2. It is divided into camshaft, feed spool, transfer spool, rotary spindle, take-up (optional accessories), five-axis synchronous operation
3. There are eight groups of sliders in the cam section, crank arm and cam rotation axis. The cam plate is fixed on the rotating shaft and can be screwed forward and backward, and used to push the movement of the slider. There are three ways of mechanical action: extrusion, stamping and forming
4. The feeding line system is installed behind the machine horizontally. There are 3 sets of feeding bobbins, each of which is a pair of feeding reels. US-540R reeling machine requires only one pair of feeding reels with 1.0 thread diameter and 1.0 or more available On the delivery line. Computer control wire length, the minimum wire feed unit is 0.01mm. Features: wear, minimal noise, high accuracy with the camshaft, rotating shaft.
5. The rotary shaft can control the rotation of the wire, and it is more simple and quick to realize the high-risk special-shaped spring adjusting machine speed.
6. The rotating mandrel can rotate forward and backward, and the curling device is installed on the slide, which can achieve multi-rotation positive/negative rotation
7. US-540R machine can produce all kinds of tension spring, pressure spring, tower spring, double torsion spring, flat spring and other opposite springs. Can be used in lighting, electronics, toys, home appliances, sports equipment, automotive and other industries need precision springs.

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