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Drain rack 3D wire bending machine

Drain rack 3D wire bending machine

Union Spring(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd


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Product Description:
The US-3D wire bending machine adopts Taiwan's computer control system and Japan's imported servo motor. It is independently controlled by multiple sets of servo motors. It has strong expansibility,and it has the features of convenient and fast operation, high speed, and high precision. In the automation program, the integration is powerful!
1. The US-3D wire bending machine is a high-precision, high-efficiency, reasonable structure, easy to use,simple debugging, man-machine dialogue the best wire molding processing equipment.
2. Imported full-rolling guide rails for long-term accuracy.
3. Intelligent module, automatic detection and alarm.
4. Protection device collider, composite tool to complete all processes, wearing parts low loss.
5. German-style design and process production are unique in the country and protected by patents.
6. Imported industrial computers, WINDOWS operating system, multi-language display, easy to operate.
7. Suitable for the production of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, baby carriages, shopping carts, kitchen utensils, and various types of line molding craft display racks.