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2-4mm spring coiling machine

2-4mm spring coiling machine

Union Spring(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd


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Product Description
1. The US-540 spring coiling machine adopts Taiwan's computer control system and Japan's imported servo motor, which has the advantages of convenient and rapid operation, high speed, and high precision.
2. US-540 computer controller, one axis for wire feeding, driven by imported servo motor with power of 5.5KW, can realize high-speed, high-precision wire feeding of any length.
3. The two and three axes are cut off. The two servo motors with power 1.5KW control the upper and lower slide blocks to move quickly. Cut off and twist
4. The four-axis variable-pitch mechanism is driven by a servo motor with a power of 1.5 KW. The screw pitch is moved with a high-precision scroll screw to ensure a high pitch accuracy.
5. The five axes are adjustable, dragged by the servo motor with power of 1.5KW, and the variable diameter slider is driven by the cam and plane lever to complete the change of diameter. In the production process, the machine is accurate, stable, wear-resistant and long-life