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12axis 0.3-2.5mm camless spring forming machine

12axis 0.3-2.5mm camless spring forming machine

Union Spring(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd


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US-236R camless wire spring machine. This machine adopts a unique camless and no rocker design. It is independently controlled by multiple groups of servo motors and has powerful expansion. It can produce a variety of special-shaped springs, compression springs, tension springs, double torsion springs, flat springs (spring springs) and various types of wire molding.
1. No cam and no rocker design (up to 50% faster than the traditional cam machine, high production speed, accurate positioning, stable operation).
2. It has the advantages of the traditional 8-station machinery, and has a set of free hands that can be played up and down, left and right, and can be played freely (production of difficult springs is easier, faster, and more accurate).
3.All using double guide rail, ball screw drive, in order to ensure long-term accuracy and strength. Collisionless hair and heat, compound tool to complete all processes, low tool wear.
4. Intelligent module, automatic detection and alarm.