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dates pitting remover machine

dates pitting remover machine

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. The Dates Pitting Machine is high automation, template feeding, conveying and date nuclear, discharging automatically, only need to pour fruit into the hopper, dates seeds and fruit can be separately automatically, and working is continuous, high efficiency, save time and labor. 
2. Structure of machine is SUS304 thick-walled square tube and channel welding composition. The equipment in the start-up operation and running is more stable, all parts are fixed well by bolts, making it more convenient and fast when operating.
3. It uses high-quality SUS304, fully meet the health standards for food processing equipment. Conveyor uses imported polyurethane material, anti-wear, tensible, tear resistance, have a longer service life.
4. It is easy to operate, no need to watch for a long time, one person can manage many sets machine. Transmission system uses advanced design and standardized components, nuclear principle uses machine tools technology stamping seeds, which make all equipment meet highest design standards, high precision, then make nuclear rate up to 100%, and fruit shape completely unchanged.