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Diamond Multi blade cutter

Diamond Multi blade cutter

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Pedrini Breton Multi Blade Diamond Segments For Granite Cutting

Multi 5.5mm 24*6.6/7.4*15mm
Multi 6.5mm 24*7.6/8.4*15mm

** The segments are attached to the core by brazing with silver solder;
** High-quality Diamond Segment Made from High-grade Diamond by Special and Advanced Technics;
blade thickness 5.5mm 6.5mm
** Specifications supplied by customers are available;
** Segment can be produced for single blade, multi-blade;
** Professional fomula are used coorespondently for cutting granite,marble,limestone, LAVA stone, onxy, concrete, asphalt, etc.

** Diamonds and bond in the outer and inner layers are carefully designed to ensure cutting stability.