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mini RF controllers

mini RF controllers



Uploaded on 1 year ago

Ultra slim size with solid ABS housing
Patent RF remote control technology
CE, R&TTE, FCC, RoHS certificated
DC 5V to 24V voltage range
Over heat protection
Plenty dynamic mode and static color
Multiple connector options


The new R106~R109 LED controllers are updated from the original heatshrink tube version. It has a solid ABS housing now and new overheat protection feature is engaged. Application R106~R109 LED controllers are designed to drive RGB or single color LED strip, module, or spot lights. With the radio frequency remote controller, user can set up color, dynamic mode and brightness. The controller main unit is extreme slim with a dimension of 38 x 14 x 6.5mm, which make the installation very easy. With the patent RF remote control technology, the remote controller can be flexible paired to main unit by user, user can control one main unit by several remote controllers or control several main unit by one remote. The controller can work with DC 5V to 24V power supply and rated output current is 3 x 2A for RGB and 5A for single color. Also the controller can protect against over heat, which significantly reduce defective rate.

Working Voltage DC 524V
Rated Output Current 5A
Efficiency >95%
Input Voltage Swing Power Voltage +/-3V
Rising Edge Time Shift <10uS
Falling Edge Time Shift <5uS
Wrong Polarity Protection Yes Working Temperature -30~60 degree Components & PCB SMD parts / Gold plated double side FR4 pcb