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How to use sands washing sludge dewatering machine

How to use sands washing sludge dewatering machine

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How to use belt sludge dewatering machine for sand washing wastewater?

Sand Plant Mud dewatering Machine from Meibang Environmental Protection will help you to solve the sludge! The machine treatment volume is large,low moisture content of the filter cake after dehydration,easy management and simple maintenance,low power consumption,long service life,simple operation,24 hours automatic operation without manual

As the demand for sand increases,there is a large sludge and mud from sand washing plant ,so the muddy water splashing, no place to set foot, environmental protection departments in various pay great importance to this.

General, the space of sand washing plant is limited, the sedimentation tank is too small to accommodate the excess mud water , the mud has not been treated in time in the past years ,so production progress is not smooth,It leads a vicious cycle, manual-mud delivery which is costly and not the best way in the long run.
Therefore, our company recommended a sludge dewatering machine which is 24hours automatic continuous operation without manual, not afraid of wind and rain,After dewatering,the mud cake can be loaded and taken away directly by truck , the clean water can be recycled to zero discharge and no pollution.
1.Main parts of Main engine select high quality stainless steel, including main dewatering roller,bucker,spray head,water collecting tray,mud guard or dashboard and so on
2.The frame of main engine be welded with quality international square tube,the surface was painted with high strength anticorrosive.The bottom is painted with zinc-rich epoxy , the middle is painted with epoxy cloud iron, the surface is painted with fluorocarbon and finish the machine,four painting processes will resist acid, alkali and rust for more than 10 years.
3.Bearing block adopts high quality iron cast iron full seal, bearing is double row roller Dalian metallurgical ,which has better bearing strength and no wear resistance than single row roller bearing. Squeezing roller, transmission roller, running roller were used high-quality seamless ,wrapped with resistant rubber, guaranteed for three years.
4.According to the different physical characteristics of materials with different filter mesh,. The machine's filter mesh be selected high strength, smooth surface, good permeability, avoid to fill and clog, high solid recovery rate, easy to clean and easy to fold and install.

The mud feeding device ,then distribute to the filter mesh ,high pressure dehydration section, 2 pairs of rake teeth were fixed specially in the equipment, can assist effectively the high pressure dehydration section to remove most of the free water and interstitial water: the water is clear after dehydration ,the slag cake is easy packing and transportation.

Guangdong Mebang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Equipment can be widely used in mine mud, sand washing yellow mud, soil sand mud, piling factory black mud. However, the sludge is dewatered by our heavy split type belt sludge filter machine, the sludge and mud were changed mud cake (moisture content about 35%). The hand can't squeeze out of water. It will be convenient for you to pack and transport.