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Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt

Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt

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The outer packing of the conveyor belt plays a protective role in the process of handling and storage. Care should be taken in handling and unloading, and brutal handling should be avoided to prevent the damage of the conveyor belt.

1. The best way to use the conveyor belt is to use the crane. When lifting, a strong enough shaft rod is used to cross the center of the belt coil, and then a steel cable hanger with a cross beam is used to lift smoothly, so as to avoid tightening the rope and damaging the edge of the conveyor belt.

2. When unloading the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt should be placed freely, smoothly and slowly down to touch the ground. Don't slant to the ground on one side. Don't open the packing of the conveyor belt at will when handling. Do not roll the belt as far as possible. If you have to roll, please clean the ground before rolling to avoid the belt being punctured or damaged by hard objects. The rolling direction should be consistent with the direction of the roll, and do not reverse roll to prevent loosening of the coil.

3, you can also lift and move with the fork lift truck. Do not damage the belt when moving.