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Man-made artificial animatronic movable dinosaur

Man-made artificial animatronic movable dinosaur



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Product one: Animatronic dinosaur
Animatronic dinosaur is the use of modern means of science and technology, according to the real dinosaur fossils computer recovery images produced lifelike dinosaurs, dinosaur size, in such aspects as its appearance, shape and movement is very vivid, lifelike, form action, combined with its peculiar dinosaurs, as if let people back to the Jurassic age! They are found in zoos, parks, city centers and museums, attracting people's attention all the time!
1. Name: T-rex
2. Size: 8m
3. Normal size: 5-25m, (depends on customer requirement)
4. Movement: roaring, head moving, tail moving
5. Power supply: 110/220vac, 50/60Hz, 400W,
6. Weight: 200Kg
7. Delivery time: 30 days
8. Color: depends on customer requirement
9. Material: metal frame, motor, sponge, silica gel.
10. Application: exhibition, commercial, park, museum, amusement park.
11. Packing: air bubble film or standard packing.
12. Minimum order: one piece.
13. Skin: the texture and color of skin were processed according to the principle of modern simulation.

1. Attached to each dinosaur exhibit are a control box, an infrared sensor, a speaker, and other accessories.
2. Suitable for indoor and outdoor exhibitions and popular science knowledge exhibitions, the service life is about 5-10 years (excluding mechanical transmission, the service life is for reference).
3. We use high quality metal steel to make internal support steel frame.
4. Use high quality motor and electrical components to control the movements of the dinosaur exhibits to achieve the effect of flexible coordination of durable movements.
5. Using the modern simulation principle, the skin texture and color processing can achieve the shape fidelity and motion coordination.
6. In order to ensure the best effect of the dinosaur exhibits, the company has specially invited professor li jianjun from the institute of vertebrate paleontology of the Chinese academy of sciences and dinosaur expert zhong daming from the zigong dinosaur museum as scientific consultants, who will supervise the whole process of dinosaur exhibits production
Note: different dinosaurs can be customized according to different requirements of customers, and more than 2 years of quality assurance is provided according to the requirements of customers, and long-term training of installation and maintenance personnel, accessories and other after-sales services are provided for customers, so as to relieve customers of worries about the long-term use of dinosaur exhibits.