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Adult walking animatronic dinosaur costume

Adult walking animatronic dinosaur costume



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Product two: dinosaur costume
Dinosaur costume, with the effect of sound and motion and walking! Suitable for park activities, parties and stage performances, we provide customized services for each customer, from the internal structure to the color and texture of the skin. We provide the best operation experience for each performer!

Name: spinosaur
Type: human-controlled dinosaur
Size: 4m ( bigger size is optional)
Action: the person wears in the dinosaur body inside, control dinosaur motion
Weight: 20kg
Delivery time: 20 days)
Packing details: professional bubble film or standard packing.
Color: simulated dinosaur color, or customized.
Materials: metal steel frame, sponge, silica gel.
Application: science exhibition, commercial, park, museum, amusement park, stage drama performance
Minimum order: 1 piece order.
Skin: the texture and color of skin were processed according to the principle of modern simulation.
1. The human-controlled dinosaurs were divided into two designs, including hiding or exposing their legs. The costume was about 4 meters long and weighed 20 kilograms. Hidden leg dinosaur suit has a zipper on the leg and abdomen. When the operator wears it, the zipper can completely cover the figure. A leggy dinosaur suit would expose the operator's legs. There is a long rod at the end which can be drawn out for easy packing and transportation. In addition, we will provide a support frame for the dinosaur costume.
2. Human-controlled dinosaur operation is very simple. Action can be done by controlling the handle, with the left handle controlling the eye and the right handle controlling the mouth. The controller was used to control the head, neck and forelimbs, and to move the dinosaur's body and tail.
3. Built-in dinosaur voice, knead the handle to make sound.
Note: different dinosaurs can be ordered according to different requirements of customers.