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Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Sidewall Conveyor Belt

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Usage and Advantage
1,Suitable for bulk material transportation of Angle 0 ° ~ 90 °
2,Has widely usage, small cover area, reduce construction investment,low maintenance cost,throughput continuous, high efficiency, large Angle transport, low freight, and shorten the transportation distance, Save manpower material resources etc.features
3,To solve the angle problem which ordinary conveyor belt and chevron belt couldn't to achieve
4,According to the use environment, design complete and independent transmission system to avoid the discontinuity ascension and complex transportation system.
5,Convey a variety of bulk materials from level, tilt, vertical and changed direction angle. Such as coal, ore, sand to fertilizers and food etc
6,Unlimited material particle size, from small size to 400 mm large granularity, throughput could be from 1m³/h to 6000m³/h.0