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Korean garlic production line

Korean garlic production line

Qingdao Dong Devotion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd


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This garlic production line is from our Korean client latest customized machinery. This line includes four belts garlic root concave cutting machine, garlic bulb breaking and peeling machine and garlic slicing machine. First the four belts garlic root cutting machine cut off garlic bulb root, it cut garlic root in the way of concave shape like, the removal is small and the root cut amount can be set according to demands. After root cut, the worker pour the garlic into hopper of garlic breaking and peeling machine, it is equipped with waste skin dispose device which can collect garlic waste skin in time, environmental protection without pollution. After peeled, garlic cloves output automatically on the conveyor belt, peeled clean and no damage, use less gas and no noise. The output rate can reach about 90%. The garlic slicer machine can slice garlic cloves into garlic slices in different size of thickness. The thickness is adjustable. The slices are even thin or thick, good effect. The garlic production line is the preferred machinery product of garlic processing industry.
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