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Portable Air purifier

Portable Air purifier

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How the Air Purifier Works:
Equipped with a 5 million negative ion generator, it produces negative ions all times, Low power consumption, can continue use 8000 Hours , can use for years without any other cost
The unstable negative ions actively attract the polluted micro articles in the air which are always positively charged, thus to make the invisible PM2.5 form into cluster and fall down.
The negative ions can damage the bacterial protein to make them weak or dead, thus to make air purified and deodorized.
At present, negative ions are widely used in health care and air purification.

What the Air Purifier Benefits:
1.Reduce dust, smoke, mold, pollen, thus to fresh the air around you.
2.Promotion metabolism, strengthens humanbody immunity.
3.Relieve fatigue, improve your sleepingquality step by step.
4.Enhance the ability to resist disease and stabilize your mood.
5.Breathing fresh air make you look beautiful, full of vitality, attracts more attentions.