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S840-2 concrete laser screed

S840-2 concrete laser screed

HIKING Laser screed company


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The S840-2 laser screed machine is a state-of-the-art ride-type laser leveling machine developed by our company. The machine adopts the front and rear hinged design, which can effectively buffer the impact of uneven ground on the machine leveling. It is light, flexible and easy to operate. The main accessories are all imported. The machine adopts the high-power engine imported from the United States, and the power is sturdy. It can still walk freely under the condition of thick concrete. With a stable Leica laser system, the system accuracy is 1mm. The machine uses the world's most advanced German imported Rexroth hydraulic valve block, and 28cc Rexroth super large hydraulic pump. It gives the machine ample power and ensures the stability of the machine. The use of Rexroth imported high-speed hydraulic motors gives the machine a powerful excitation force. The machine comes with a high-speed feeding screw, which reduces the number of construction workers, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and improves the construction quality. The machine uses an advanced leveling head design that uses a tilt sensor to control the verticality of the screed to achieve a better leveling effect. The machine is equipped with the world's most advanced electronically controlled hydraulic operating panel, making the operation of the machine easier and more flexible