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CF-120 Taped Radial Lead Forming Machine

Uploaded on 1 month ago

Auto Taped Radial Lead Former / Cutter : CF-120


Motorized taped radial lead cutter/ former, easy to set up, easy to operate.
With a customized die set, varied forming specification is available.
Low maintenance taped radial lead former/cutter process up to 7,200pcs without placing any stress on your parts.
Suitable for various types of radial components.
Forming tools easy to changeover.
Easy operation and simple operation.
Equip one set mold, upon request order the second mold.


Power: 110/220 V AC 50/60Hz
Dimension: 450mm (L), 400mm (Width), 500mm (H)
Weight: 24 Kgs
Capability: 7,200 pieces /Hour Max.