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Iran Cutomer Fully Auotmatic 5ply Carton Box Plant

Iran Cutomer Fully Auotmatic 5ply Carton Box Plant

West River Corrugated Machinery Co. Ltd.


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The biggest cardboard suppliers in Iran, supplies cardboard to not only Iran demestic market, but also to Iraq, Armenia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan...

Set up 2 production Line from West River.

West River is the leading corrugated cardboard production line provider in China, designed the first corrugator in China, and we helped to set up the national standard of cardboard production line industry in China.

We offers 3ply, 5ply, 7ply, speed range from 100m/min to 300m/min, 1200mm-2800mm width and multi-function series of corrugated paper cardboard production line. Started 1954 as a military equipment supplier, we have accumulated a lot of technique and skills in manufacturing field, helping different customers around the world to customize our solutions according to their needs, make the maximum benefit for our customers and create a lot of successful projects around the world, have exported our production line to Iran, Brazil, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Korea... more than 35 countries. West River is a professional manufacturer you can trust in China, we have abundant experience in this field and we would like to committed to realized your investment dreams in your local.