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House Inflatable Cube Tent White

House Inflatable Cube Tent White

KK Inflatable Limited


Uploaded on 2 years ago

Product Description
This Large inflatable cubic tent can be used as large sport hall, inflatable museum, inflatable storage warehouse or inflatable party tent and so on. the double layer slope air roof make the water difficult to stay on roof which make the whole tent suitable for rain weather. And the windows are also available for the tent.
Size: 10mL*10mW*6mH(L33.33*W33.33*H20ft) other customer size acceptable
Material: PVC Tarpaulin in commercial grade.
we also make: outdoor huge inflatable cube tent for storage or supermarket, outdoor storage tent, large inflatable storage, inflatable cube tent, large inflatable cubic tent, huge inflatable supermarket, cheap inflatable sport hall, double layer inflatable tent.
We care about every details that would effect on the usage of inflatables, make stronger D rings in the bottom of the and also the roof of the the tent, so make the tent is much stronger and stable when used for outdoor activities.
KK have a experience design team, we can make drawing according to clients requirement. after get confirmation from client, we start production, to make sure every product is functional, we set up every tent for test before shipping. so client can have a clear idea for the product outlooks before they received the goods.
Remarks: The followings are more about product quality and workmanship of KK inflatable, which will surely build your confidence!
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