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Ultrasonic liquid level indicator

Ultrasonic liquid level indicator

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1.Fire Extinguishant Cylinders-locate levels of CO2, Halon and Halon substitutes such as FM200? and NAF S III.
2. Marine Multi Banked Cylinders-Verify levels of extinguishants in multi-banked cylinder rows using extension rod and 90 degree rod.
3. LPG
4. Sprinkler Systems-CO2, Halon and Halon substitutes
5. Water
6. Calibration of liquid level meter


1.NO-CONTACT with medium, best choice for dangerous toxic or corrosive liquids
2.OLED display,suitable for outdoor use under strong light.
3.ACCURATE results under complicated situations with ultrasonic-waveform-display function.
4.Results VISUALLY displayed with comprehensive software.
5.EASE of operation using push button,no need of training.
6.FLOATING designed probe,suitable for any size tanks without silicone grease.
7.THREE kinds rods for multi-banked rows of cylinders.
8.10h operation duration.


1. Power supply: Two 18650 lithium batteries
2. Accuracy: <2mm
3. Material: Cast aluminum
4. Measurable tank wall thickness: 3~30mm
5. Measurable tank material: Steel, stainless steel, glass, unformed plastics, etc.
6. Medium: Pure liquid, milky liquid, suspension liquid, etc.
7. Ambient temperature: -20~+60 degree celsius
8. Ambient humidity: 15%~85%RH
9. Current: 100mA
10. Certificates: ISO, CE