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FASCY Hand Cream

FASCY Hand Cream

FASCY Co., Ltd.


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Water drop moisture and good scent !

Natural and Vegetable Water Drop Hand Essence

Back of your hand needs great care because it easily gets wrinkled and it gets older 10 years earlier than your face does since it lacks of subcutaneous fat. If you do not take care your hand with hand cream, the back of your hand easily get hurt especially during the change of season.

It is made of essence containing texture feeling like water drop. When you put it on your skin, it provides your skin with moisture very naturally and you can use it for four seasons. It contains honey extracts which helps to build natural moisture film on your skin. It also contains natural moisture ingredients such as hyaluronate acid, vegetable aloe extracts which help to provide your hand and whole body with high moisture. This is multi functional hand cream which is good for your hand and whole body as well. Classic New York Hand Cream, Sparkling Bouquet Hand Cream and Modern Romentic Hand Cream each of them contains scents of perfume made by famous perfume companies.

[Honey Extracts] High Moisture / Prevention of dry Skin. Soft skin / Fresh skin

[Hyaluronate Acid] Skin elasticity / Anti wrinkle / Nutrition / Brightening

[Aloe vera leaf juice] Soft skin / Skin Soothing / High Moisture

[Hydrolyzed Collagen] Moisture / Soft skin

[Tocopherol Acetate] Prevention of skin damage, Skin protection, Skin Freshness , Skin Moisture