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nc servo feeder machine

Uploaded on 2 years ago

High-precision feeding: Aiming at the arrival of hi-tech industry, it is controlled by computer closed-circuit feedback system,
So that the precision can maintain within_0.03mm.
Phase-style feeding function: it can input 20 groups fo different feeding length, each group provides punching for 999 times to satisfy the processing and production of special products(option.)
Manual model: it can input 3 phases manual speed, which can let used operate more easily and feed materials more accuracy.
High-efficiency release device: it can set up release angle quickly, only cam single of and adjusted feed thickness can done.
Feeding length setting: input feed length on the controller panel directly.'
Feeding unit: The roll adopts middle-hollow style, being light and with low inertia for electroplate. The surface hardness HRC is 60½ d chrome plated.